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Islands Are Lifesavers – in Home Kitchens, Just as in the Wild

When we think of islands, typically the vibes are positive and soothing. We view them as welcoming weary travelers seeking comfort and respite. Imagine a weary voyager battling raging seas when he spots an island paradise promising shelter and warmth. So too can a beautiful island in your kitchen calm shattered nerves and rejuvenate dispirited souls.

Island Kitchens Bring Families Together

The fast pace at which we live life today sometimes forces us to sacrifice. But the last thing any of us should consider sacrificing is facetime – one-on-one time we spend with each another. There’s no better place for talking and bonding with others than seated or standing at a kitchen island. Since there are so many different styles of islands designed for kitchens, let’s run through your options.

Stationary or Fixed Islands Anchor Kitchens

Spacious kitchens can typically accommodate large island structures that provide both expansive surfaces for preparing and serving meals and cabinets below for storing all sorts of cooking tools and supplies, dinnerware, silverware and even foodstuffs.

Butcher Block Island Tables Tend to Be More Versatile Solutions

Wooden tables, typically with butcher block tops, can provide those same benefits: a sturdy, counter-level work surface for food prep, for serving meals and for dining, as well as open storage space, albeit smaller. Unlike stationary islands, which are fixed in place and anchored to kitchen floors, kitchen island tables have the added advantage of being movable. Over time, as you rearrange the furniture in your kitchen, you can move your butcher block kitchen island to better serve your needs.

John Boos Is the Leading Brand of Butcher Block Tables

Boos & Co. was founded in 1887 in Central Illinois. Ever since then, the company’s name has almost been synonymous with the term, butcher block. Boos Blocks are made of maple, walnut, cherry or oak hardwood and can be constructed in either edge grain, blended grain or end grain styles. Each style delivers a distinctly unique look.

Two different finishes are available – food-safe natural oil for blocks on which the home chef will be cutting; and a varnish-like finish which Boos calls Varnique, intended for cutting-board-like block tops that will not be cut upon. The latter provides a lustrous, hard-shell finish for a look that resembles that of fine furniture. Plus, it requires little maintenance.

Portable Islands Are Better Yet, If Mobility Is a Priority

Kitchen islands that are portable provide the home cook the ability to move the rolling island to the optimal spot for food preparation – perhaps near the sink or the oven – then to another place that’s better suited for presenting food to family and guests. Islands with wheels are also ideal for those who simply like to change things up from time to time. Most John Boos tables come with steel caster wheels as an add-on option.

Catskill Craftsmen Islands and Carts Are Also Worth Your Consideration

Situated near the Catskill mountains, this decades-old company uses hardwood harvested not far from its facilities to manufacture an extensive line of mostly portable island carts, many with butcher block tops. Whether it’s a rolling island with a drop leaf or a wine rack that you’re after; one with storage cabinets only or with both open and closed storage space, you will find it within Catskill’s broad assortment.

Boos Work Stations and Catskill Work Centers Are Perfect for Home Chefs

Both of these leading manufacturers make islands specifically designed with food preparation in mind. Across their product lines you will discover such useful features as utensil drawers, wood and steel pot racks for keeping your favorite pots, pans and kitchen implements within arm’s length, pull-out leaves for additional work space on demand, and of course, storage shelves and cabinets.

No matter your tastes, we carry islands and carts that will match your décor and needs. Enjoy secure online ordering and complete privacy protection on all purchases and take advantage of our superior customer service by calling us toll-free at (877) 845-5597.